Syöte MTB Winter 23.3.2019
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Syöte MTB Winter is a memorable, guided winter fat bike adventure ride event in the breathtaking scenery and spectacular routes of Syöte National Park, located in northern Finland. You should have some experience of winter mountain bike riding, and the tires of your bike have to be at least 3,7 inches wide. There is no timing in the event.

  • Experience the beautiful, snowy wilderness of the national park dream world with a fat bike in guided groups
  • Tasty food and drinks at service points
  • Syöte area offers great tourist services in the premises of the event - why not spend a proper holiday trip at the same time!
  • Routes are vastly different from the summer event
  • Lots of prizes drawn between participants
  • Relax after the ride with tasty buffet lunch
  • Shower & sauna included!
  • Participants have also free access to a traditional smoke sauna, located 10 km away

Welcome to enjoy the wintry nature of Syöte on Sat 23rd March, 2019!


Lots of prizes will be drawn randomly to participants.

Fees and services

Registration for the 2019 event opens 10th Dec 2018 at 18:00 EET.

Payment should be done via an IBAN bank transfer. Further instructions are provided to you when registering. Payment instrucions can however be found here The participation fee includes:

  • Service points during the course (One of the service points is at own cost though, please reserve some cash with you!)
  • A tasty buffet lunch after the event
  • Shower and/or a Sauna chance
  • Smoke sauna is also free to the participants. Note that the smoke sauna is located about 10 km away. Transfer is included in event registration. Take your own towel. No glass bottles.
  • Participation in the prize draw
  • Free entry to the afterparty

Event info

The course runs through beautiful wintry national park scenery on snow. The route consists of snowmobile service tracks, husky safari routes and other service routes much alike singletrack trails, but on snow. There are a couple of minimal road sections. The outdoor temperature during the event can be anything from about +5C to -30C.

Event office, start, sauna and smoke sauna on the map

Gear info

  • Any human-powered bicycle is allowed, as long as all tires are at least 3,7 inches (94 mm) wide.
  • Helmet is complusory
  • Working mobile phone is compulsory. Note that cold weather reduces battery life.
  • You also should have a jacket / extra clothing to keep you warm during breaks and in case of cold weather
  • You should have a drinking system that won't freeze - a drinking bottle inside your jacket might do at minimum.
  • Longer distance participants must have a light that will help you find your way out of the forest in case you run out of daylight (sunset will be at around 6:30 pm)
  • There is no insurance provided to the participants from the organizers, so every participant should take care of his/her own insurance.

Schedule 2019

  • Friday 22nd March

    • 15.00 Event office opens at Romekievari restaurant
        - Event number pick up, changes, team registrations
    • 16.00 Start of the overnighters' group
    • 18.00 Presentation by Toni Lund about the Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000 mile winter race
    • 21.00 Event office closes

  • Saturday 23rd March

    • 08.00 - 09.30   Breakfast available for 12 € per person. Please book your breakfast in advance.
    • 08.00       Event office opens at Romekievari
    • 09.30       Event number pick up closes
    • 09:40       Forming the groups at the start area, please be there on time!
    • 10.00       Start
    • 14.00 - 20.00   Shower and sauna facilities open at Safaritalo, Romekievarintie 4
    • 15.00 - 20.00   Lunch buffet open. Price for non-participants 14 € per person.
    • 18.30       Prize draw
    • 20.15       Transportation to Smoke Sauna from Romekievari. Bus back leaves at the Smoke sauna at around 23:00.
    • 22.00 -     Afterparty time!


Accommodation can be found both in hotels and cottages throughout the Syöte area. Please mention our event when inquiring accommodation, for some businesses might have special offers for our participants.

  • Hotelli Iso-Syöte & Safari
    • Hotel and cottage accommodation and restaurant services
    • Isosyötteentie 246, 93280 Syöte
    • p. +358 201 476 400
    • Event office, buffet lunch, and course finish line - all that stuff happens here
  • Syötteen Keskusvaraamo
    • Cottages - the central booking office for cottages, also chalets/apartments and hotel rooms
    • Romekievarintie 1, 93280 Syöte
    • p. +358 8 823 400
  • Hotelli Pikku-Syöte
    • Hotel accommodation
    • p. +358 8 815 4000
    • Syötekeskuksentie 126, 93280 Syöte
  • Syöte Resort / Caravan
    • Camping with sauna, shower and toilet services
    • p. +358 400 499 215
    • Pärjänjoentie 626, 93280 Syöte

Other services

  • Tunturi Market Iso-Syöte
    • Grocery store, medicine, mail, internet, courier services
    • Romekievarintie 1, 93280 Syöte
    • p. 08 838 668

Traveling to Syöte area

Easiest way to reach Syöte area is by car, but also public transport connections are available. By bus, plane or train you can reach Oulu (140km from Syöte), from where separate bus connections (see connection "Syöte - Oulu - Oulun lentoasema" (airport) and "Syöte - Pudasjärvi - Oulu") to Syöte are available.

These bus routes also stop right next to Oulu railway station. For train schedules, see Oulu railway station is the closest one to Syöte, still 140km away.

Event office, start and finish on the map

Further information / need help?

If you have any further questions or need help with something, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at krossikommuuni [ät]



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